Regular chimney cleaning is a must for fireplaces and other heating appliances. Wood fires do not burn cleanly and release a range of contaminants.

Organic debris and ash can also clog the chimney. Animals and elements can carry leaves and other debris into the chimney, and the heating system can create creosote. The flammable substance can be difficult to remove with DIY methods. A professional company will have specialized tools and equipment for your chimney cleaning.

When you are hiring a professional chimney sweep, it is important to protect your home. Furniture should be moved away from the chimney and covered with plastic.

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Rugs, tapestries, and other items should be covered with a cloth or tarp to prevent stains. If you are unsure of which type of service you need, it is always safest to contact a certified company. They will provide the necessary equipment and will leave your home a sanitized, dust-free environment.

The CSIA Certified Professional Locator is a helpful resource to find certified chimney sweeps in your area. While this process is not easy, it can help you find a professional who is reputable and experienced in the field. Ageless Chimney has all the proper qualifications and is ready to clean your chimney when you need them.