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Chimney Flashing Repair Process

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The chimney flashing repair is not referring to a decorative lighting piece to place on your chimney. Chimney flashing is a key component to add to your chimney that prevents leaks and water damage. Chimney flashing repair is very common for chimneys. Ageless Chimney has an expert team that has been servicing this part of the chimney for over 15 years. 

Many homeowners are unaware of the many benefits chimney flashing has to offer. Located on the bottom of the masonry of the chimney and between the roofing, flashing is intended to create a waterproof seal to prevent water damage. Continue reading to learn more!


What is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is a sheet of material (steel, pvc, copper, or aluminum) installed around the area where the chimney meets the roof. The flashing ensures that the connection between the chimney and roof is watertight. Though flashings last for some time, they do have to be replaced after extreme wear

Types of Chimney Flashing 

There are several types of chimney flashing. Each type is chosen due to the project specifications including size of area, shape of chimney, weather conditions, and other location elements that can affect the longevity of the flashing.

Aluminum Flashing 

This flashing option is an inexpensive choice. Aluminum flashing can be installed to any type of roof to ensure protection to the chimney. The downfall of aluminum flashing is that it is subject to corrosion. 

Copper Flashing

A lightweight, crack resistant material that is perfect for extreme weather (like storms and hurricanes) and high temperature locations. Installed with a specific copper sealant, this material has an extra barrier that reinforces the waterproofing function. This material should always be installed by professionals due to the special sealant step.

Vinyl and PVC Flashing

This material can break easily in extreme weather (like storms and hurricanes) due to its lightweight nature. This being said, it is not recommended for locations that undergo these conditions. These reasons are why vinyl and PVC flashing is not commonly used on chimneys. 

Steel and Galvanized Flashing 

A very durable material, steel does not easily corrode. The installation process for steel flashing takes a longer time due to its heavy weight



Chimney Flashing Techniques

Two techniques to install chimney flashing include step and counter flashing. Both techniques include layers of flashing material to ensure prevention of water damage. 


Step Flashing 

Protecting the seam of the chimney and roof, step flashing is installed by placing L shaped materials into the roof shingles. This technique is most effective when installed by a professional. 


Counter Flashing

This installation is to cover the step flashing also using L shaped pieces of material. The flashing is then embedded into the masonry of the chimney, to create a seamless transition for prevention of water damage. Similar to step flashing, this installation is also most effective when installed by professional chimney technicians. 

Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Chimney Flashing

As chimney flashing is to prevent water damage to your chimney and home, it is very important to know the lifespan of the material chosen. Chimney flashing can last up to 30 years and is dependent on weather elements and location. Chimney flashing leaks can occur at any time of the year. Homeowners should be on the lookout for common signs of water damage in order to maintain their chimney structure. Below are some signs that indicate it is time to have a chimney flashing repair.


Firebox condensation 

Water leaking into the firebox 

Visual signs and noises of water leaking

Strange odors from your chimney


While the above causes are a result of damaged chimney flashing, there may also be another reason. Chimney caps, crowns, and damaged masonry are other reasons for water leaking problems. This can be determined with the help of chimney professionals during inspections and services. The Chimney Safety Institute of America also outlines more ways water affects the masonry of your chimney on their website.

How To Replace a Chimney Flashing

Below are the steps Ageless Chimney technicians take when replacing chimney flashing in Long Island. For the most effective installation, it is always best for professionals to service and maintain your chimney. 

  1. Remove all roofing, tar, and old flashing that is attached to the chimney.
  2. A rubber membrane is then installed over the sheathing and curled up the chimney to create the bottom layer of protection.
  3. Next, roofing and step flashing is installed to create a solid connection at the roof chimney line. This prevents water from penetrating the roof around the chimney. The new roofing is blended into the existing roofing.
  4. The most important step! Ageless will then cut the brick so the counter flashing will have a permanent connection into the chimney bricks. This counter flashing can be done in copper, brown or white colors. 
  5. Finally, clean up all of the materials, debris, and tools used to leave your home spotless and in good function. 
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Old Flashing

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During Replacement

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Finished Flashing

How To Protect Your Chimney Against Water Damage

Water damage can occur due to many reasons. In short, the simple answer is to have chimney flashing installed on your chimney. Other actions that can be taken to prevent water damage on your chimney include waterproofing, installing chimney caps, and repairing masonry and mortar joints. All of these steps have been recommended by the CSIA in order to keep the chimney of your home code complaint. 


What Our Clients Say

Below are some five star testimonies from our amazing clients regarding chimney flashing repair and maintenance. 


“I had called Ageless Chimney because we had a leak into our attic from the chimney. We were unsure if the roof or chimney flashing was the problem. They set me up with an appointment for a one hour window and confirmed it the day before. The guys got here on time. Charlie was professional and gave us a reasonable estimate and told us what the problem was. He was able to fix it right then and there! It stopped our leak! Thanks guys!” – Gina C. from Nanuet, NY
“There is no more knowledgeable individual than Ron at Ageless Chimney. He is able to troubleshoot issues and propose solutions that will work at the best value for the customer. In Ron and Ageless we trust, so should you!  He’s the Chimney Whisperer! I am not kidding! This guy and company are the best!” – Frank A. from Long Island, NY
“Just had Ageless (Nick and Brian) come and install a new chimney liner and chimney cap, and rebuild flashing. Super personable, friendly and very helpful in explaining the process and giving suggestions for the future, as well as being kind and patient with the 200 questions we posed. They were professional and respectful of my home and cleaned up meticulously. I was beyond impressed with their work, and would highly recommend them for any of your chimney needs.” – Melissa L. from Long Island, NY
“If you want/need professional and top notch chimney service…these should be your guys without a doubt. Not only were they punctual and courteous but they did an amazing job updating the inside and outside of my chimney. Those of you from Levittown know that these houses have been around the block and then some. After coming by to give us an estimate on a chimney cap, they noticed that the top three rows of our chimney was coming apart. With winter coming around the corner, I didn’t want to waste any time getting the job done. These guys knew things were getting pretty busy as well and were able to fit us in that day. In a matter of two hours they completely re-did the masonry on our chimney, inserted a stainless steel liner, and installed a new flue and cap. Their attention to detail while minimizing the impact to a lazy Saturday afternoon was much appreciated by me and my wife. I recommend this family owned business to anyone needing that special attention to their chimney and home.” – Aaron V. from Levittown, NY


Chimney Flashing Repair FAQ

How long does chimney flashing last?

After proper installation from chimney professionals, chimney flashing should last about 30 years. This number is dependent on the location and weather occurrences that can affect the materials chosen. Aluminum, PVC, copper, and steel flashing all have different pros and cons to them, that in turn can also affect longevity. 


Why does my fireplace chimney have an unusual odor?

This smell can be from build up of creosote, moisture, or animals. All causes mean your chimney is due for a chimney sweep. Moisture in the chimney can be a result of the chimney cap or flashing being damaged and ready for repair. Heavy rain, snow, wind, and other extreme weather elements can affect the function of these two important chimney components. 


Why should I use a professional chimney service for my chimney flashing repair?

By hiring professionals, like our Ageless Chimney expert service, you are more likely to have a longer lasting repair. The professionals will be able to service the chimney using the correct techniques and supplies needed to prevent water damage. If the homeowner chooses to repair the chimney flashing on their own, there are several safety, tool, and time precautions that should be taken into consideration before installation. 


How do I know what chimney company to hire?

The chimney company that the homeowner chooses to hire should be licensed and insured professionals to ensure the job is completed to CSIA standards. Other factors to take into consideration include location, time, and experience. For example, Ageless Chimney is a licensed and insured company that has been in business for over 15 years. They service residential and commercial buildings in Manhattan and Long Island. The qualifications and customer experience from the growing company are great reasons to choose them to service and maintain your chimney. 


Can I reuse the old flashing when repairing? 

It is common practice to remove all old flashing from the chimney when repairing the area. As it depends on the condition of the flashing, repairs should be made with great quality and condition. It is also hard to remove old flashing to reuse it without damaging it. This is another reason why proper and affection application of chimney flashing is with new flashing material. 

Call Ageless Chimney For Your Chimney Flashing Repair! 

The experts at Ageless Chimney will explain the process for the service and answer all questions the client has. Ensure your chimney is code compliant by scheduling your annual chimney inspection and chimney sweeps with the experts at Ageless Chimney. They are skilled professionals that offer various services to ensure a well maintained chimney. 


Call Ageless Chimney as soon as you spot one of these signs for chimney flashing repair. The sooner you call, the sooner we can repair and prevent future chimney damage. We service Manhattan to Long Island and are not limited to the following services, installation, repair, and cleanings. With over 15 years of experience, call the professionals at Ageless Chimney 516.795.1313 or click estimate your chimney to schedule your free estimate today!