Chimney Fireplace Cleaning and Repairs

There’s nothing better than sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day. Whether you use it as a source of heat or just for ambiance, there’s no doubt that a fireplace is an asset to your home, but if it isn’t properly cared for, it can become a serious liability.

A fireplace must be properly cleaned and maintained; if it isn’t, it’s a serious hazard. Uncleaned and unserviced fireplaces are a leading cause of house fires in the United States. Each year, dirty and broken down fireplaces cause millions of dollars in property damages; worse, they cause numerous injuries and even deaths. Don’t put yourself and your loved ones in danger; have your fireplace professionally cleaned and repaired! Ageless Chimney, a leading chimney service company, offers complete fireplace cleaning and repair services. Since 2006, our top-rated chimney company has been ensuring the safety of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and Westchester property owners with high-quality, reliable, and affordable fireplace maintenance services.

Fireplace Cleaning and Repair You Can Rely On

Cleaning a fireplace might not seem like a difficult task, but in reality, it’s a lot harder than it appears. At Ageless Chimney, our technicians have received the necessary training on proper techniques to make sure that your fireplace is thoroughly cleaned. They also have a complete understanding of vital safety procedures and take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries. Using the most advanced tools and technologies, such as state-of-the-art vacuums, industrial brooms, and heavy-duty cleaning agents, our team of experts will clean all interior and exterior surfaces of your fireplace, including the firebox, hearth, screens, doors, hardware, and all other elements.

In addition to meticulously cleaning your fireplace, the Ageless Chimney technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of all components of the structure. We’ll assess the mortar, damper, firebox, bricks, tiles, doors, hearth, surround, and every other part of your fireplace to check for signs of damage. If any issues are spotted, we’ll let you know and after getting your approval, our specialists will perform all necessary repairs.


Experience The Ageless Chimney Difference

At Ageless Chimney, we not only take the time to ensure your fireplace is properly cleaned and repaired, but we also go the extra mile to protect your home during the entire process. We’ll take every precaution necessary to contain fireplace debris. We’ll cover all surrounding areas, including the flooring and furnishings, and we’ll properly dispose of ash, soot, and all other waste we remove from your fireplace. When we’re finished, the only thing that will be left behind is a clean, safe, properly functioning, and beautiful fireplace.

For All Your Fireplace Cleaning and Repair Needs, Contact Ageless Chimney!

Don’t let one of your home’s favorite features put you and your loved ones in danger! For thorough, reliable, and affordable fireplace cleaning and repair you can rely on, contact the fireplace experts at Ageless Chimney! To receive a free estimate and schedule an appointment, complete our online request form or give us a call directly at 516-613-5450 and one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates will be happy to assist you.

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