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The Dangers of a Chimney Leak

The Dangers of a Chimney Leak

The Dangers Of A Chimney Leak

Did you know a chimney leak can cause serious problems for homeowners? As with all leaking water, the moisture caused by a chimney leak will cause mold, which can cause an array of different health hazards to you and your family. If left untreated the cost of mold removal can get pricey with repairs costing upwards of $6,000 in some cases. 

Not only can a leaking chimney cause black mold, water leaks can also cause physical damage ranging from cosmetic to extensive deterioration to the structure of your home. Water damage can ruin your home faster than some may think. Did you know within 24 hours water exposure to your roof, ceiling and walls can cause irreversible damage to the structural integrity of your home. If you have water leaking from chimney, getting the leaks repaired quickly is the only way to prevent your leaky chimney from damaging your home.

Black Mold

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that Black Mold can be harmful to your health. If a leak in your Chimney allows moisture to enter your home, and if that moisture encounters porous surfaces, especially wood, it can trigger the growth of mold. Though some mold is more unsightly than dangerous, black mold can be a real problem to the health of you and your loved ones.

• Asthma

• Headaches

• Irritated Sinuses

• Chronic Fatigue

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Dangers Of Black Mold


If you have a mold allergy and asthma, your asthma symptoms can be triggered by exposure to mold spores. In some people, exposure to certain molds can cause a severe asthma attack. Signs and symptoms of asthma include:



Shortness of breath

Chest tightness


Black mold exposure can cause headaches if you are allergic to mold, and that results in sinus inflammation or nasal allergies. Chronic congestion of the sinuses and nasal allergies can cause headaches very easily.

Irritated Sinuses:

In the event mold fungus finds its way into the sinus cavity, the immunity in the body reacts by releasing a chemical known as eosinophils to fight the fungi. This substance is what causes fungal sinusitis and will cause irritation for as long as the fungi are within the sinus.

Chronic Fatigue:

The most common symptom of toxic mold is fatigue. Chronic fatigue is something many people complain about when they’ve been exposed to household mold for a long period of time. While respiratory symptoms are often rapidly attributed to mold, people are not so quick to attribute fatigue to the presence of mold in the home. They may not realize that exposure to mold can cause fatigue or they may simply assume the fatigue is due to something like, like a busy schedule or just not getting enough sleep.


A groundbreaking public health study has found a connection between damp, moldy homes and depression. Residents who live in visibly damp, moldy households risk for depression averaged 34–44% higher than that for residents of mold-free dwellings.

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Rotting Wood

As excessive moisture builds up in wood it can begin to rot. When an entire wall, roof or ceiling has been affected, the repairs can be extensive and expensive.

Roof Damage:

Water seeps in between the metal flashing that the chimney and travels to the wood roof decking.  Water damages the roof decking and can lead to needing to replace your roof. Roof leaks around chimney can cause major repairs to be necessary on your home. Getting leaks repaired quickly is the only way to prevent your leaky chimney causing roof damage and chimney damage. Check out our roof leak resolutions


Ceiling And Wall Damage:

When water enters the home from a chimney leak It may run down a rafter to puddle above the ceiling. When water puddles above your ceiling it can cause wood and plaster to lose their structure and sag as well as wall paper and paint to come off walls leading to extensive damage and repairs.  schedule an appointment for a free estimate

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Chimney Saver

Crown Coat by ChimneySaver: Ageless Chimney’s choice of water repellent for waterproofing a chimney from moisture. Benefits of using ChimneySaver products to waterproof the masonry of the chimney include protection of freeze and thaw cycles, a matte finishing, and protection from stains. When ChimneySaver products are applied by professionals, such as Ageless Chimney, there is a ten year warranty that can be registered for.

To learn more about ChimneySaver products, visit their website.


What Our Clients Say

Below are testimonies from our great clients regarding our chimney leak resolution services.

“I had a minor roof leak around the chimney. I called Ageless Chimney to give me an estimate for resealing the flashing, repairing the brick mortar joints, and closing off the chimney. The receptionist set up an appointment for me. Ron was here on time, gave me a fair estimate. I decided to go with them. Ron and the crew came back a few days later to finish the job. They are professional, and the price is fair. Highly recommended.” – Andy from Long Island, NY

“Bobby and Sherwood came to our house in Massapequa after my wife and I had been dealing with a leaking chimney for weeks. After providing us with a reasonable estimate they performed the work the following day and our chimney has not had a leak since through several storms. Would definitely recommend them to family and friends.” – Joseph from Long Island, NY

“The most professional place – from the people who answered the phone, to the people who did the job. EVERYTHING was flawless. I couldn't say a bad thing about them. The work preformed was beautiful, and it exceeded my expectations. They even finished a day early!” – Barbara from Long Island, NY

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Leak resolution includes checking all cracks, gaps, holes or masonry despair to find the issue. Once the issue is found, the appropriate repairs will be made to protect the longevity of the chimney and guarantee the leak is resolved. A leaking chimney can cause many problems for homeowners. Don’t let one of your home’s favorite features put you and your loved ones in danger!

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