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End Of Season Maintenance

End Of Season Maintenance

Now that Spring is here and the warmer weather is on the way, you may be thinking about your end of season maintenance. If you haven’t added your chimneys annual end of season maintenance to the list, don’t wait any longer. Upon first glance you may not notice anything wrong with your chimney and fireplace, but upon further inspection there could be a whole litany of issues going on inside that could affect the performance of your chimney and the safety of your home.

Check out the Ageless Chimney Top 5 End of Season Maintenance Tips


We recommend starting out with a Level 2 Camera Inspection. During an end of season maintenance inspection a chimney technician will be looking for potential fire issues like cracks, missing mortar or creosote buildup. The chimney technician will also closely inspect the lining and firewalls of the chimney for moisture damage, loose or missing bricks and any deterioration. Finally the chimney technician will inspect the chimney cap, chimney flashing and roof cricket to make sure they are functioning properly.

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When heating your home during the winter months creosote will build up. When creosote builds up it must be cleaned to ensure the functionality and safety of your homes heating appliance. As part of your end of season maintenance we recommend you have a certified chimney technician like Ageless Chimney apply CRE-AWAY creosote modifier to your fireplace before you have your chimney cleaned. With the Cre-Away treatment not only are you keeping your home and loved ones safe, you’ll be ready to go once the cool weather returns later in the year.


Once the chimney has passed the inspection and has been declared up to code and safe, you should go ahead and have a certified chimney company like Ageless Chimney sweep the entire length of the chimney from top bottom. With your chimney nice and clean you are now ready to go for the first cool night at the end of the summer. Not only is your chimney ready to use whenever you want it’s also safe and code compliant.

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During the initial end of season maintenance inspection the chimney technician will check for cracks, gaps, holes or masonry despair as well as the cricket and flashing for any imperfections that could lead to a leak. Once the issues detected have been repaired and deemed leak free they will go ahead and apply a product such as Chimney-Saver Water Repellent from the bottom to the top of the chimney.


A Chimney Cap is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your chimney and home from the elements. Without a chimney cap properly installed you are essentially leaving the door wide open for rain, snow, ice, debris and animals to enter. All of which could cause a laundry list of issues. As you know it gets pretty windy here on Long Island during the fall and winter months, and your chimney cap may have come loose or even fallen off already. As part of your end of season maintenance a certified chimney technician like Ageless Chimney will make sure your chimney cap is securely fastened and properly installed. No cap? Don’t worry, Ageless Chimney stocks all standard size chimney caps on all of our trucks.

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Consistently taking care of your chimney at the end of the season, instead of waiting until the next fall, will give you plenty of time to address and repair any problems your chimney may have. The Fall is our busy season and waiting until then to address any issues could leave you stuck not able to use your fireplace on that first cool evening or even worse, no heat on the first cold night of the season. Don’t wait, beat the rush and schedule your end of season maintenance today! When you contact Ageless Chimney for all of your end of season maintenance you can rest assured your chimney will be not only be protected from the rain and debris throughout the spring and summer months but the snow and ice during the fall and the winter months as well.

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